We don’t just build guitars. We also offer a

wide array of services for your instruments.

Custom Work

Some of the services we provide


Your instrument is an extension of yourself. You want it working in the best condition it can be, and playing the most comfortably for YOU. 

We have an incredibly quick turnaround time, and won’t be satisfied until you are. Just some of the services we provide are listed below.

  • Complete setups – to your specifications

  • Electronics diagnosis/custom wiring

  • Pickup changing
  • Nut replacement/re-cutting
  • Fretwork (level, crown, polish, re-fret)
  • Custom cavity routing for pickups/battery boxes etc
  • Repairs/refinishing on a case by case basis


EverTune Installs

We believe that this unit is revolutionary, and is an essential tool in today’s guitar world. You can find out more about the technology here. Kyle Ginn at Ginn guitars is a certified Evertune installer and with over 40 installs under his belt, you can be confident that your guitar is in safe hands.

The pricing of a retrofit depends on a few variables, including the neck angle of the guitar, the current bridge on the guitar, body construction and the amount of strings the guitar has. For an accurate price estimate, please provide the following details through the contact page:

– What make and model is the guitar? Provide a link to the model or pictures.

– What string gauge will you most often be using?

– What tuning will you most often be in?

– What color hardware would you like the EverTune to be?